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Moneytized Your Blog With LV

A lot of paid to blog site or advertising network and blog marketing have already closed unnoticed. Some of the site have failed to settle the payment and dues to their blogger. However, a new blog marketing created and been giving good opps to a lot of blogger especially to blogs with higher page rank. Like they say, When one door closes, another opens.

LinkVehicle been named BEST IN SEARCH By TopSEOs. It is a new blog marketing that allows publisher and advertiser to work together. Publisher (blogger) can monetize their website by publishing articles about the advertisers product and company generate Traffic for your Website! Publishers make money blogging! LinkVehicle makes it simple for Publishers to earn money by blogging on his/her website. Your website will be kept completely private in LV marketplace until an advertiser buys an ad and you approve that ad. There is no fee to become a publisher. LinkVehicle connects advertisers with the web’s most influential sites, bloggers, and social media tastemakers. For more information, feel free to visit their website and sign up for a free account to register your blog(s).

LinkVehicle connects advertisers and agencies with their marketplace of top notch publishers, copywriters, and designers. They are seasoned digital marketing and SEO professionals who have worked with many of the top agencies worldwide. They provide free consulting to advertisers and publishers to help them achieve the results they are looking for. Please visit LinkVehicle to contact with your digital marketing goals. They’ll take care of the rest.

LinkVehicle has an experienced sales team that will be working around the clock to bring revenue to you! Every time an ad is purchased, you will be notified. Publishers will receive 50% of the net revenue of ads placed on their site. Every publisher is paid on the 1st of every month via PayPal.

I started working with LinkVehicle since last year and just recently I’ve been getting opps and offer. It’s an additional income for me since there are only a few blog marketing that are still active these days. So, if you want to monetize you blog then click the button above or Sign Up here. Good luck!

Rejection and Request

In other situations if you get rejected many times, am sure you won’t follow to their request or perhaps will make a fuzz out of it. This is so far the 5th rejection notice I got but I still keep on submitting my blog as i know it was just an automated message they sent out.

It sounds funny to me how they ask for Blog Change Request when they never really checked the blog entry. The automated machine would start the statement by saying Thank you for your interest in blah blah! We are very excited about the all new community and look forward to welcoming newcomers and all our returning users as well! Well now, it sounded to pleasant but then they will say; Rejection Reasons

There appears to be more sponsored than non-sponsored content on your blog. To be approved, a blog should be at least 60% non-sponsored.

The blog I submitted has 60% or 75% non sponsored post because it was a new blog. Since its automated message i keep getting this message anyway without them checking the site. I did not make a fuss out of it yet i keep submitting it until they get tired. I just thought of blogging this out as i don’t have any topic that i can think of to blogged about LOL.

Anyway, if you submitted your blog and then you get this sort of message you can submit a ticket or email the paid to blog site you are applying letting them know that you blog don’t have much sponsored post. I did this already in my other blog and they approved it right away but this blog really has some improvement to do. It’s just so silly to ask for a request after the rejection.

I ♥♥♥ PayU2Blog

Everybody who is part of the PayU2B network loves PayU2Blog. Who doesn’t? Very fair and generous in giving assignments and they’re very on time or sometimes early in paying their bloggers. is my favorite paid to blog site and best ever. I became a PayU2B bloggers last December and received my first taste of assignment before the year 2009 ended. So, last December was my one year in the system. This year also, the most earnings i got from writing paid reviews was from Thanks to $heriff and the whole payU2blog team for the assignment they gave to me last year 2010. But of course i would like to take the opportunity to thank Margie C for accepting my blog in the PayU2Blog network. After almost a year of submitting my blog last year, they finally accepted it. That was the best birthday and Christmas presents ever. is unique because they not only offer a variety of interesting assignments, but you’re paid well and on time for doing assignments.

If you have a self hosted blog that is more than three months old then submit it to You just have to be patience as there are too many blogs submitted to their network. But once your blog got accepted you certainly will enjoy making money while blogging.

First Payment from LoudLaunch

I had been a blogger in Loud Launch for almost a year now but just this August I able to grabbed task from them.  They pay their blogger every month but last month the payment was sort of delayed.  They have lots of blogger in their network and they are having hard time consolidating their finances thats the reason of their delay.  After a month of waiting I reap my first fruit of my hardwork.  Thank you so much loud launch team hope to work more job with you.  Look forward for my next pay.  So, if you are a blogger and been blogging for 3 months or more well then, register at LL and submit your blog.  It may take a while before they approve your blog but just wait and you will get lucky.  Sign up now!