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How to move your WordPress blogs over to Blogger

Wordpress to blogger

Suppose you have already done changing the name server of your domain name with your new hosting. A name server is a computer server that hosts a network service for providing responses to queries against a directory service. Login to your WordPress account and navigate to the Dashboard for the blog that you’d like to transfer to Blogger. Simply follow the instructions on how to move your WordPress blogs over to Blogger? This site can aid in the process!

Export the contents from your wordpress blog, download and save the exported file and convert the saved document then save. That saved file will be the contents of your posts/comments from WordPress which will be move to blogger by transferring in through Blogger export file. Once all this process done and save, go to to create a new blog.  Fill in the title of your new blog and web address (domain name) e.g jnjmilestones and pick a template below.  You can add a custom domain later if you have one.

Blogs under Blogger flatform are hosted by Google at a subdomain of then later on it allows user to publish blogs on other hosts, via FTP. All such blogs had (or still have) to be moved to Google’s own servers, with domains other than allowed via custom URLs.[3] Unlike WordPress, Blogger cannot be installed in a web server. One has to use DNS facilities to redirect a blogspot domain to a custom URL. You can have your blog hosted in Blogger for free.

Go to your newly created blog click setting >> other and then click on the Import Blog Tool. Follow the instructions and upload your Blogger export file when prompted then click publish. After completing the import wizard, you should have a set of imported posts from WordPress that you can now publish to Blogger. Just in case you already have a domain name, you should set it up first. Here is a link that will guide you on how to set up your custom domain in blogger.

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Do Follow Blog

Do Follow Blog

do follow

This blog is a certified do follow blog now.  I just learned from lots of bloggers and different source I read that do follow blog will increase the backlinks and will increase your page rank.  You can read more information about DoFollow FAQ from Page Rush.

What is “Dofollow”?

Dofollow refers to normal links that do not have the “nofollow” tag. Websites that do not use “nofollow” are called “dofollow”. Both types of links look exactly the same when you view a Web page. However, when you look at the HTML for a Web page (by viewing the text of the source file), you can tell the difference.

Search engines (such as Google) ranked pages based on the number of dofollow links that pointed to them.  So, if your blog is dofollow, the commenters will keep coming back because it increases your bank links.  That is some bloggers who have dofollow blogs they moderate their comment box so spammers won’t benefit any back links from theirdofollow blog.

Well, for me Ijust want my commenters to keep coming back and leave valuable comments that related to the topic and get banklinks as well. As bloggers, we always want our blog to get rank by google and dofollow blogs would perhaps help toher fellow bloggers.  Visit the link so you will know how to spot the dofollow and nofollow blog.

Why dofollow is better than nofollow?

Not only does nofollow fail to stop spam, it denies honest commenters and site participants a small but important reward. A normal dofollow link is a nice reward to a person who contributed a thoughtful remark on your site. Making your site dofollow, telling others that it is dofollow, and rewarding commenters will motivate more visitors to spend time on your site and provide valuable comments.source:pagerush

Protecting Your Bank Account

Protecting Your Bank Account

I’m glad I don’t use my bank account in all my transaction online instead i used paypal. But whatever you used online hankers are always there just lurking around finding ways to hack your bank account or personal account online. We have to be careful in all our transaction online.

I read an article from in about Online Hackers and how could they might Steal Your Cash. You might want to check it out for protection. You can read the full articles here.

How to Help Protect Your Account

• Don’t access your account from a shared computer.

• Be certain your computer has anti-virus, firewall and anti-spyware programs, including security software with automatic updates.

• If you are using wireless service, check the settings on your computer to make sure the connection is encrypted. Don’t connect to your account using a public network, like the ones you find at a coffee shop or at the airport.

• Review your statements regularly and carefully, and report any suspicious activity to your bank immediately.

• Use a strong password with letters and numbers combined. Don’t use the same password for multiple accounts.

• Log out after every session.
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